Client Testimonials

Saved from fines and traffic schools. Thank you Peter Stone

Peter Stone represented me on two traffic cases in late 2011. There was a 50-50 chance on the outcome, but both went in my favor.

I found Peter Stone on the approved list at my husband’s work, that helped simplify the search process a lot. This was my first experience using the legal route for challenging traffic fines … in the past, not knowing how to navigate all this legal stuff, I used to just pay up the fine and signup for the traffic school.

Talk to him, he is awesome. He calls and spends a good time with you on the phone. All emails are promptly answered too. They do MORE than just Speeding/Traffic related stuff.

Finally, my husband just wrote an awesome review for him, but there was some error and the ratings got reduced to a 1-star, though he meant for it to be a 5-star. Hopefully avvo will take care of it soon.” – Rashida

“Awesome service from Peter Stone!

Mr. Stone represented my wife on two cases and both were traffic related. At the outset, he explained to us all perspectives – the traffic officer, the judge and us. He was very direct on why we could lose or why we could win but the odds were clearly against us.

I found Mr. Stone through our Legal Insurance plan sponsored by my employer. I knew that he was going to be paid no matter what the outcome would be, so we were wary. At the outset we were asking questions and challenging him where his point of view did not match ours. He would take the time to explain the facts from a legal perspective even if it meant spending part of a Sunday afternoon. And we did all this on the phone as Peter was in the Sacramento, CA area and we were in San Jose, CA.

Mr. Stone was one of the best lawyers I have worked with in all my years. I say this not because of the outcome of the cases, but because of his professional demeanor, his knowledge about the issues we were dealing with and managing our expectations without raising it or dashing it.

Lawyers and law firms are very busy people and usually they have no time for “keeping clients notified” as it represents extra work. Mr. Stone was refreshingly different. He not only took the time to educate us on matters of law pertaining to our cases but through-out the process, he kept us in the loop on what was going, via emails or phone calls, communicated changes to the approach that he and his legal team were going to take and notified us promptly when the issues were addressed in the court.

I rate Mr. Stone in the topmost category of depth of knowledge, customer satisfaction, ease of doing business and above all values (honesty, integrity and trust).

My wife and I would hire him if there was a reason to do so and happy to recommend him too!” – Ravi

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